English Current Affairs 09th January 2018

World News
  1. Iran has been banned from teaching in early health education centers
  2. The storm hit the 'Awa' in Madagascar (island)
  3. A traditional festivities have begun in a frozen lake in South Korea
  4. The Somaliland government has passed a new law to imprisonment for 30 years for sexual assault
  5. President Trump has decided to abolish the citizenship rights and jobs of the 'El Salvador' residents of the United States
National News
  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched the NRI India Conference (January 09) in New Delhi.
  2. In Delhi, Kejriwal has introduced a new scheme called 'Common Mobility Card' (Travel Card).
  3. Rahul's first overseas visit after the assassination of the Congress party - Manama (Bahrain)
  4. 500 and Rs 1,000 banknotes canceled in cash remuneration are still in existence in Nepal today
  5. The Central Finance Ministry has announced that the deadline for linking the source with small savings schemes is extended till March 31
  6. Rescue and relief work, railroad maintenance, infrastructure works; The Railway Ministry has announced that it will be monitored by drones
Business News
  1. Samsung Notebook Spin with fingerprint scanner enabled in the United States
  2. In the next 2 years, SME sector has a small and medium-sized enterprise (1000)
  3. ICICI Bank is currently in partnership with the online transaction firm PEDM to further increase digital transactions
  1. Indian Muslim women signed a treaty on Hajj and maritime hajj travel without the help of men between India and Saudi Arabia
  2. The central government has canceled plans to tie up with South Korea at cost of Rs 32,000 crores to detect and destroy the mines that are hidden under the sea
Sports news
  1. India are at the top of the rankings for international Test cricket matches
  2. Indian Candidate Master 'Kugesh' has won the championship in the International Chess Junior category
  3. Challenger Trophy for Women; India 'Blue' team won the championship
  4. BCCI to ban Indian team 'Yousuf Pathan' for 5 months
Science and technology
  1. Israeli vast scientists have created a tiny tomato (cherry tomato)
  2. Snowfall occurs for the second time after 40 years in the world's warmest Sahara desert
  3. ISRO announces 'launch of PSLV-C40' with 31 satellites from Sriharikota on January 12
New appointment
  1. Sikkim state advertisement ambassador AR Rukhaman has been appointed
  1. 75th Golden Golf Awards (2018) - USA
Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Ajis Ansari (Tamil Nadu Genre) (The Master of Nine Serial)
Award for Best Animated Film - Cocoa Film
Best Foreign Film Award - In The Fat '
Best Original Score - Alexandra Despel for 'The Shape of Water'
Best Song Award - 'This Is Me' (The Greatest Showman)
Best Director Award for Guillermo Del Toro (for The Shape of Water)
Award for Best Picture Award - Lady Bird
Award for Best Feature Film in the Drama - Tribute Billboards Outside Editing
Best Actor Award for Drama Division - Gary Oldman (for Target Hour -film)
Best Actress Award for the Drama Division - Frances McDormand (Trick Billboards Outfits for Playing)
Best Actor Award for Best Picture - for James Branco (for The Disaster Artist)
Best Actress Award for Best Actor - Goris Ronan for 'Lady Bird'

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