English Current Affairs 12th January 2018

World News
  1. The ASEAN Conference will be held on January 25, 2018 in ASEAN countries.
  2. North Korea will send its delegates to the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea to be held in February.
  3. Israel attacked yesterday with missile strikes from the Syrian airplane and ground floor.
  4. Donald Trump has ordered to abolish the residence and occupation of about 200,000 El Salvador Nations residents in the United States.
  5. Navigado Pass will be offered to travelers free in Tram, Metro, Bus and RER trains, Those who are less than the age of 65 in Paris with the income of  € 2,200.
National News
  1. The Central Government has reviewed the passport of the new passport without the final page of the passport.
  2. Military Commander Bipin Rawat said India should not expect the US to do its job in the Pakistani issue.
  3. The US government has been sentenced to death by software engineer Raghunandan Yandamuri. He is the first Indian to be sentenced to death
  4. The international balloon festival started in Pollachi
Business News
  1. The Union Cabinet has approved foreign investment in Air India.
Sports news
  1. In the 20th National Youth Volleyball tournament for youth, Tamil Nadu team has won bronze medals in silver and women's wing.
  2. Former Indian cricket captain Rahul Dravid has been nominated for 'Life of Comic Book'
Science and technology
  1. BSLV-C40 rocket launches from Sriharikota with 31 satellites.
  2. India's 100th satellite, Carto Chad-2 successfully suspended the launch.
  1. Sarita Devi has been elected as the representative of the Indian Boxing Federation's Executive Council (PFI) and female wrestlers.

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